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Tom Kennedy Keynote Address

Tom Kennedy
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Listen to an interview with Tom Kennedy,
"Death by PowerPoint"
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We help executives develop their message and speak so that they will be believed and remembered. When you're faced with presentations, public speaking, and dealing with the media, we teach you the skills and show you the strategies for effective, professional, and memorable communications.

"You have been a great help and it's a joy working with you."

Martin Madaus, CEO, Roche Diagnostics,
then CEO/Chairman, Millipore

"I still think of your tips every time I speak."

Bob Brennan, CEO Connected Corporation
then President & CEO, Iron Mountain

"My Riyadh speech was a great success, thank you for coming with me."

Bruce Fenton, CEO, Atlantic Financial

Our focus is simple.

We build personalized communication skills that help you deliver credibility and success. The Kennedy Group method, developed over 20 years, accentuates your strengths by building on them, minimizes your weaknesses by identifying them, and instills a process of life-long presentation improvement.

Our services are focused.

Our goal is to help leaders build essential communication skills, from the fundamentals to advanced levels, enabling them to feel more natural as speakers, presenters, and communicators.

We do the same at the corporate level, by working with companies to ensure that they communicate a consistent and focused message, internally and to the outside world, no matter what the medium may be.

Services cover the full range of communication skills, including the following:

  • Presentation Skills/Media Skills

  • Videoconferencing

  • Vocal Skills and Accent Reduction

  • Litigation Support Services

  • Working with Professional Athletes

    (See our Services Page.)

Every service we offer helps clients successfully convey their core positioning in the marketplace. Each of our programs is strategically linked to a client's business and mission. The skills we teach are all lifetime skills. We remain available to all of our clients after a project's completion - and every single one of our corporate clients has returned to us for more assistance.

Our results are guaranteed.

We offer customized consulting and coaching services, because every person and every person's style is different. Your personal needs will be met. But as communications skills experts, we have some common goals for all clients.

Your ROI…

  • Knowledge and confidence in all presentation or media situations

  • Speaker and leadership confidence and credibility

  • Message focus and memorability

  • Better listening skills as well as speaking "tools."


Let The Kennedy Group help you communicate your message…

Because the ultimate success of what you say
depends entirely on how well you say it.


Read the article "Death by PowerPoint"
by Tom Kennedy